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At GR Pet Services we believe that life with our 4-legged friends should be enjoyed to the fullest. We envision canine education as a practice based on love, gratifying rewards, free of guilt and punishment.

Our training methods are a result of 10 years of experience, learning from experts as well as working with dogs and their handlers to strengthen their bond and allow them to understand each other, respect each other and communicate better.

Guillermo (Memo) is the man behind GR Pet Services…and Troy is the pup who’s always by his side. They are best friends and learn from each other valuable lessons in life. Troy is Memo’ sinspiration to pursue his mission to help families and dos to have healthy relationships and happy lives
Guillermo is committed to helping the community and supporting the less fortunate by working “hand in paw” with Molly, his Therapy Dog partner, a team that brings joy and comfort to people in need

What We Do

We are permanently researching, studying and learning in order to offer effective, rewarding and fun experiences during all lessons.

We address behavioral issues first by identifying the cause of those conducts, moreover understanding the dog’s emotional response; then, we leverage their cognitive abilities to help them shift their perception and allow them to make decisions, which will finally lead to a change of behavior.