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Hello, I’m Guillermo Roa (Memo).

I’m a Professional Certified Dog Trainer living in Long Island, NY with my wife Claudia Patricia and my Airedale Terrier Troy, who is my best friend and my inspiration. I’ll be your guide, your friend and your ally during this great adventure that is your pup’s education.

Growing up in Colombia, surrounded by animals and nature, I developed my love for dogs. My connection with canines and my ability to communicate with them became something I was known for. People would ask me for tips on how to teach and care for their pets – even their dogs began to reach out to me for counseling!

I’m an Animal Behavior College certified dog trainer (ABCDT). The main focus of my training approach is canine education and understanding behavior. I love helping families understand their pups and teaching them how to train them in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. My experience with dogs has taught me that training should be fun for both the dog and the owner.

In 2017, I earned the Canine Good Citizen Evaluator Certification from the American Kennel Club and became a certified therapy dog trainer, a skill that allows me to continuously help my community of dog lovers and bring happiness to people in need when we visit them with Molly Jo, a chocolate Lab that brings comfort to homeless shelters and nursing homes. We are both registered as a Therapy Team with the ATD (Alliance of Therapy Dogs).

My work consists of a permanent search for knowledge, strategic alliances, skills improvement and business expansion. One of my most valuable and cherished experiences is related to my relationship with mentors like Bego Albaladejo, a Spanish dog trainer who is specialized in Analysis and Intervention in Behavioral Problems; Bego and I have weekly meetings in which we study and analyze difficult cases in order to create strategies to solve them.

When I’m not working I like to go hiking or explore the city with my wife Claudia Patricia and my pup Troy; he knows all the good spots to stop, smell and take in our surroundings. Troy loves being by my side and he is not scared to do new things with me. He is also the most efficient assistant during special lessons or lectures I get invited to, in which he helps me demonstrate certain exercises.


Certified Dog Trainer ABCDT

Animal Behavior College, Santa Clara (CA).

Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

AKC Canine Good Citizen Test.

Therapy Team

Guillermo and Molly Jo, a chocolate Lab, are registered as a therapy team with the ATD (Alliance of Therapy Dogs).

Methodological Certification La Tercera Vía

Master in Analysis and Intervention in Behavioral Problems. El Educadog, Spain.


Understanding Canine Behavior

International College of Canine Studies.

Evaluation, Analysis and Case Resolution

FreakDog Educación Canina, Spain.

Case analysis with Begoña Albaladejo

Dog trainer based in Spain. Canine Educator specialized in Analysis and Intervention in Behavioral Problems.