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While a child’s dream playtime may be a pizza party where he makes his own dough and chooses his favorite toppings, your pup might be thinking of something different.

Your pup’s idea of playtime involves running, sniffing, exploring, jumping, chasing, and making new friends….and maybe learning a new trick or two to show off when he goes back home with his family.

Socialization is a very important aspect of your pup’s welfare and overall health. That’s why in GR Pet Services we offer thematic playtimes like scavenger hunts, sniffaries, water games, frisbee races, etc. that will be “pawfect” activities to enhance your dog’s social and training skills.

Playtime is limited to 10 dogs at a time, and are available only for members of the GR Friends Club. Warm cuddles and tasty treats are included!